human microbiome project portal

I am trying for some time to gain access to controlled data available in the human microbiome project and the iHMP. I have tried to register twice but although my registration was received I get no answer and no credentials. Is the service still working? Should I continue waiting for an answer or is it a waste of time? :roll_eyes:
Thank you very much in advance

Hi @Angelica,
I have recategorized this into “Other BIoinformatics Tools” as the HMP is a separate entity completely from QIIME 2. That being said, all the data from HMP are publically available through the SRA, accessing them is described here. If you are having technical issues with your data access and download, unfortunately there is nothing the QIIME 2 team can do to help, and you should contact their tech support team.
As a side-note, you can also access HMP and a vast wealth of other publically available data through Qiita. Perhaps this can be of help to you as well. I personally find Qiita to be much easier to navigate than NCBI portals.


Thank you very much!

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