How to run qiime tools view on remote server and view the html on http address?

Is that possible to run qiime tools view on a remote server without GUI, and than access the rendered result on local machine through browse?

Hi @yech1990 - unfortunately no, that is not possible at the moment.

Please take a look at this related forum post, which details out some options (basically you either can transfer files to another machine and view there, or upgrade the remote server to have some kind of graphical user interface). Thanks!

I seems that I can’t build up a qiime viewer on local server as the one in
I clone the github code and execute npm install, but plenty of error occur when I do npm run.

Hi @yech1990! Please try out the instructions @thermokarst linked to. You don’t need to install q2view, it is accessible at Let us know how it goes!

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Thank you @jairideout,
I can access, but I want to build one on my local server.
I mean I want to view the qzv file in myremoteserverip:port as what happen in

I want to view the qzv file in myremoteserverip:port as what happen in

Thanks for clarifying what you would like to accomplish, but I think you might not have the complete picture of how (and q2view) works. There isn’t a server sitting behind (or q2view) that serves your artifacts at an ip/port, but rather it is a client-side page that actually performs all the work locally in your browser (on your local computer) to view and interact with QIIME artifacts and visualizations. So, as @thermokarst mentioned in his linked post, you can use a tool like scp to download your remote QZA and QZV files to your local computer, and then open them up for viewing using The viewer does not send data anywhere, and all of the work happens locally in your browser.

We have opened an issue to provide additional instructions and information about how works to prevent this kind of confusion from happening in the future.

Lastly, please note that if you still would like to pursue hosting your own version of q2view, please create a new topic on the forum, rather than continuing that discussion here. We didn’t originally envision people installing q2view on their own (because the version hosted at already runs locally on your own computer), so please keep that in mind.


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