how to replace ASV ids with nucleotide sequence

I am doing metagenome analysis using qiime2. I have to do a correlation study using MIMOSA2. The input for MIMOSA is ASV table. Is there a way in qiime2 where the ASV ids can be replaced with the nucleotide sequence?

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Option 1. You can use custom script to replace hashes with sequences. Corresponding sequences can be found in the rep-seqs.file (export it as a fasta file).
Option2. Run dada2 again with --p-no-hashed-feature-ids parameter, so it will produce ASV table with sequences instead of hashes.

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Hi @sukanya,

I want to add to @timanix's excellent advice!

There's a maybe under documented function in q2-feature-table called rename-ids which lets you pass metadata and change in the ID string. In this case I think you should be able to use the representative sequences as your metadata to rename the IDs. I'm actually struggling with whether this will work for renaming your sequencing, which I'm not sure I've tried :sweat_smile:.


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Thank you very much for your suggestion. I tried option2 and it worked for me.

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