How to read provenance in an artifact file?

Hi Bod,

I downloaded .qza file, but i can not understand where i could find commands you used.Then exported classifier-dada2.qza file and get .pkl file, but i could not read it with python pickle. I think i’m doing something wrong. Сould you please explain in more detail how can i find commands within the provenance in the file.

Thank you!

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Hi @Life,

To see a file's provenance:

  1. go to and view the artifact there. Do not export the file — you will lose its provenance.
  2. Click on the "provenance" tab in the upper-right side of the screen
  3. Click on any of the boxes (representing individual commands) to see what command/parameters were used, and other info like QIIME version and system environment. You should see something like this:


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