How to merge results from different analyses?


I have two different analyses in QIIME2 and both with table.qza taxonomy.qza files refer to manual. My question is how to combine results from two different analyses for a larger analysis. In QIIME 1.9 we have, do we have similar function in QIIME2 ?

Thank you!

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Hi @Yujun! The feature-table plugin has support for just what you’re asking! You can merge the feature tables by running merge, and the taxonomy feature data by running merge-taxa-data. A quick example:

$ qiime feature-table merge \
    --i-table1 analysis1/table.qza \
    --i-table2 analysis2/table.qza \
    --o-merged-table merged-table.qza

$ qiime feature-table merge-taxa-data \
    --i-data1 analysis1/taxonomy.qza \
    --i-data2 analysis2/taxonomy.qza \
    --o-merged-data merged-taxonomy.qza

Our FMT Tutorial covers a similar situation, merging data from two separate sequencing runs. Hope that helps!


Thank you very much. It helps a lot!

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