How to know the relevance of each factor in diversity analysis

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I'm trying to analyse all the results of my metagenomic analysis, and for the paper I would like to add some kind of table representing the percentage of relevance of each factor in the diversity analysis.

I'll explain in detail. I'm analysing soil samples, and I've three main factors: date of sampling (winter, spring and summer), crop in the soil (wheat, barley...) and kind of tillage in the plots (some agricultural factor). After analysing the results, it is obvious that date is the main factor (in beta diversity plot is more than obvious, and I know that the p-values speak for themselves). Thus I decided to analyse the diversity based on the rest factors by each date of sampling. However, I would like to determine the percentage of each factor in separation points (something like each axe in PCAs...).

Is it possible in PCoAs? Is it possible by qiime2, or I need some analysis in R?

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Hi @Anuka ,
You are looking for a PERMANOVA test (see the beta-group-significance and adonis actions in q2-diversity) and maybe also bioenv (also in q2-diversity). You can see the help documentation and the tutorials at for more usage details and examples. In the case of PERMANOVA, look at the effect size (R2 value) as a measure of relevance.

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Ohh thenk you very very much!!

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