how to know the ASV for individual samples from the results of DADA2 denoise process

Hi all,

I am analyzing the sequences of mcrA, which is related to methanogenesis in prokaryotes, obtained through MiSeqs from environmental samples.

I have successfully gotten three output files of DADA2, in terms of feature table, rep-seqs, and states.
I would like to see the distribution of ASVs per each sample, but the feature_table showed the total number but not the number in each sample.

Do somebody know if there is any way to see what I would like to see?



Hi @baehsung,

The feature-table.qza is storing a BIOM table in it which is exactly what you are looking for, as it can be read as a samples by ASV table. I'm guessing when you say it only showed total numbers you are referring to the output of feature-table summarize which is intended to give you a summary of the feature-table, rather than the actual table itself. If you want to see the actual table you can feed your feature-table into qiime metadata tabulate and that will give you a visualization with the actual frequencies per sample.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Estaki,

Now I got exact one along to your advice !!


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Hi @baehsung

You can also create a ASV bar-plot follow this post

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