How to import the demultiplex fasta file into Qiime2

I have raw date from Miseq pair-ended sequencing. I used other softwares to merge and demultiplex the sequences and got fasta format file.
How can I import the fasta format file into qiime2?

Thank you!

Hi @heavennew,

Have you had a chance to look through the importing tutorial documentations yet? I believe what you are you looking for is described there with examples.

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Yes, I have read the importing tutorial documentation. I think these command need fastq files rather than fasta file. I suppose that downstream analysis need the quality information. So I have no idea how to import the demultiplexed and qualified fasta file.

Hi @heavennew!

If you want to perform sequence quality control (such as DADA2 or deblur), you will need to import fastq files - these methods won’t work without quality scores.

What software did you use to merge and demultiplex with?

Can you please provide an example of the filename (or filenames) for the fasta data, and a brief snippet of the first 10-20 lines in one of the files? Thanks! :t_rex:

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