How to fix generated taxonomywhen reprocessed new samples?

In the previous post, I have not clearly explained our problem.
Our problem is, for example, the original sample A had two ASVs: ASVA1 and ASVA2.
When a new sample of data B is processed by the standard Qiime2 pipeline, new ASVs are generated: ASVB1, ASVB2.
However, I want sample B to only produce ASVA1, ASVA2.
Could you kindly share your experience with this problem?

Hi @Wang_cs001632! Are you using QIIME 2? If so, please send:

  • The version of QIIME 2 you are using
  • The command or commands you are running (copy and paste)
  • The errors or issues you are observing (copy and paste or screenshots as appropriate)

Thanks! :qiime2:

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