How to fix generated taxonomy when 16s fastq was add a new sample and reprocessed?

We have built a 16s ASV database and set it as a web tool. However, when a new sample imported into this database, the taxonomy of new sample always different from old ones. How to make sure they are the same?
Thank you for your attention!

Hi @Wang_cs001632! Are you using QIIME 2? If so, please send:

  • the version of QIIME 2 you are using
  • The command or commands you are running (copy and paste)
  • The errors or issues you are observing (copy and paste or screenshots as appropriate)


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Thank you for your reply. I can use any version of Qiime2, if you recommanded it. Could you suggest a related tutorial and link for this need?

Excuse me, is my question unrelated to your specialty? Might I change this question into another section?

Your question does not appear to be related to QIIME 2 - we generally don’t provide support for non-QIIME 2 related software.

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