how to export QIIME2 citations as plain text

Is it possible to export the all QIIME2 citations found in an artifact’s provenance into a plain text list? I downloaded the citations from provenance for one of my QIIME2 artifacts, but it automatically opens with Mendeley. I prefer to do citations manually now as I’ve had issues with Mendeley.

The citations are output in bibtex format but the files are plain text and human readable. Mendeley must be the default program set to open bibtex on your computer, but you can drag/drop the file into any text editor (TextEdit, Notepad, etc) to view the contents. There are plenty of bibtex formatters on the internet that you can use to automatically convert these to formatted citations.


Thank you, as always, @Nicholas_Bokulich! Any formatters in particular you would recommend?

No, sorry I do not. :disappointed:

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