How to decide DADA2 trunc

I have 82 samples. I set trunc forward:295,reverse:230,but DADA2 stats outcome was bad.
Some of my sample after filter got 0. What are suggested values ~~~


Welcome to the forum, @Tzu-Yu_CHU! Thanks for posting screenshots.

Only you choose the parameters you think are best, and understanding why you are losing reads will make that possible. Your question has been asked many times on this forum, and you will find great answers with the search :mag: feature.

As a starting place,the DADA2 stats table shows the number of features remaining after each step in the DADA2 pipeline, organized in order from left to right. It looks like you lost most of your sequences in quality filtering, even though your sequences appear to be of good quality.

Do some research into how to set DADA2 parameters, consider why you think that might be, and let us know if you have further questions.

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