how to color the alpha and beta box plots

Good morning to all,
I want you know if there is a way to give a color to the box plots in the alpha and beta diversity plugin? ( for example blue to affected and red to healthy)


I suppose the only way to do it here is to redraw them outside.
Maybe it is a good idea for adding a new feature to the plugin - color customisation. Or it is already implemented and I am missing it?

Hi @rparadiso,
You have 2 options,

  1. as @timanix suggested, do this outside of QIIME 2. You can download the raw values as a .tsv from the visualization you showed above. If you are comfortable with R, might I suggest this wonderful package, ggstatsplot for some amazing and easy plotting.
  2. Download the image and add custom color to it using something like InkScape (free/opensource) or Illustrator, if you have access to it. Both tools make it super easy to make a change as you describe.
    Adding color/enabling customization to these plots would certainly be a great addition, and I’m sure the developers would appreciate any contributions to the codes for it, however, I don’t think this is very high on their priority list, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for this just yet.
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