How many Frequency per Sample within each Feature


When I checked the Feature Detail of table.qzv output file, there was information aboutFrequency and# of Samples Observed In for each Feature.
But I would like to know more about how many frequency per sample within each Feature.
I looked through the forum but can’t find a solution.
(I know that I can get frequency things on taxa-bar-plots.qzv but unfortunatly that’s not what I want. There’s no feature information.)

thanks in advance!:grin:

Hi @Choe,

Sounds like what you are looking for is just the actual feature table which will have all the information you asked for such as below:

.                  feature1    feature2    feature3
Sample1               234          22          2
Sample2               330          35          0
Sample3               450           23         1

Does that sound like what you were looking for?
If so you can export the raw feature table from your table.qza by using either the export or extract function. See this tutorial for instructions on how to perform either of these tests. This will give you this file in .biom format which then you can convert to a readable text format.


Yes that is exactly what I want!
Thanks a lot!

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