How can I generate the Biom.qza file ?

I have a problem for PICRUST via q2picrust. When I wrote the commans given below,

qiime picrust2 full-pipeline \
   --i-table mammal_biom.qza \
   --i-seq mammal_seqs.qza \
   --output-dir q2-picrust2_output \
   --p-placement-tool sepp \
   --p-threads 1 \
   --p-hsp-method pic \
   --p-max-nsti 2 \

I need the mammal_biom.qza file but I did not have. Therefore I use BIOM v1.0.0 and BIOMv2.1.0 commands. But I have an error, ##feature-table.qza is not a(n) BIOMV210Format file#.

Would you help me to generate mammal_biom.qza ?

Hi @Belma_Nural_Yaman,
I am a little confused with your question. Any QIIME 2 feature table should work.

Can you include the command you used and also any commands you used to create your feature-table?


Dear Chloe,

I am following the pipelin q2picrust in QIIME2. I have converted table.qza to table.biom. there is no problem. But I understood that I must have a file as "mammal_biom.qza " in q2 picrust. But I did not have the "biom.qza" file. I hope I could explain.

Hi @Belma_Nural_Yaman,
They just named their feature table "mammal_biom", You do not need a biom file.

Do you have a feature table for your analysis?



Thank you so much :slight_smile: Yes, I have a feature table from DADA2 analysis. I am confused a little bit, I am relatively new in this area.

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Hi @Belma_Nural_Yaman,

Perfect! Go ahead and use your feature table from DADA2 as your input, and you should be all set.

Cheers :lizard:


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