help troubleshooting diversity alpha-rarefaction

I’m using the qiime2-2020.8 version to analyze my data and just got an error message when trying to run “qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction”

Here is the error message:

“Plugin error from diversity:
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/tmp/qiime2-temp-0zalgiss/faith_pd-BIO3%20%3D%20Isothermality%20%28BIO2/BIO7%29%20%28%2A%20100%29.jsonp’”

I tryed to debug but could’t find a soluction… any idea what the problem might be??

Here is my command line:
$ qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction --i-table 3_rep_seq_deblur_table.qza --i-phylogeny 5_rooted-tree_mafft_fasttree.qza --p-max-depth 5000 --m-metadata-file /media/usuario/Dados1/Qiime2/AF_microbiota/SLFT_AF_summary_data_august2019.csv --o-visualization 6_alpha_rarefaction_curve5k.qzv

Thank you very much!

Hi @marillyra!

This slash in your metadata column is causing things to break (the visualization thinks this is a directory). Replacing the slash with another character in your metadata column name should get you moving along. Keep us posted!


Thank you!!! It’s working =)
Best wishes

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