help regards downstream visualisations after feature-table group

Hi All,
I am very new to microbiome analysis and thus Qiime2 and linux in general. I have been following the moving pictures tutorial and have had a few problems which have been ironed out. I am trying to derive some taxa bar plots which i can achieve using my 81 sample dataset. I would like to be able to present the taxa bar plots and other visualisations using grouped data. The experiment had 27 treatments and 3 biological replicates so i have tried the following:
qiime feature-table group
--i-table table4.qza
--p-axis sample
--m-metadata-file meta-data.tsv
--m-metadata-column treat
--p-mode mean-ceiling
--o-grouped-table table4agroup.qza
this successfully creates an output table but i can't link this to any other downstream process. Have I completed this in the incorrect order as this was completed post DADA2 merging.
I am running qimme2-2021-4 using Ubuntu 20.04.3 (server edition) via putty.
Happy to supply files and more detail if required.

Welcome to the forum!
If you are getting an error when trying to create a taxabarplot with a grouped table and your original metadata, then you need to create a new metadata that will have your groups names instead of sample-ids, and this new metadata will be shorter since it should be as long as the list of your groups.
Except of this taxabarplot, most of the downstream analysis should be performed with non-grouped feature table.

many thanks, knew it would be something simple.

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