Heatmap - changing the axis and removing dendogram?

Hi Everyone,

I have merged all my samples according to a metadata category (now, I have only two “samples”, A and B).
In order to make a heatmap including the taxonomic informations, I created a collapsed table from the merged table at the genus level (I also filtered this table to only include the top 20 genera)
I was able to generate the heatmap sucessfully. Sample A and B appear on the side and the taxonomic annotations show up in the bottom of the heatmap (2 rows and 20 columns)
I’m wondering if it would be possible to change these positions in order to show the sample names in the bottom of the heatmap? (20 rows and 2 columns)
Another question: Is there an option to remove or hide the dendograms?

Thanks very much for all your support,

Hi @fstudart,

Not in QIIME 2 — you will need to use adobe illustrator, inkscape, gimp, or another image manipulation program to rotate the heatmap.

Yes! See the --p-cluster parameter

I hope that helps!

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