Getting Greengenes2 for python users

Great work, I will probably move all my pipelines to gg2 soon.
Can you please give usage example for python users?
I tried:
from q2_gg2 import non_v4_16s
but it requires "ctx" which I don't know how to provide.
I have V3-V4 reads and went with non-v4-16s route.

Another point which I didn't understand is,
inputs include table and sequences artifacts. I assume we could use something like table.qza and rep-seqs.qza from moving pictures tutorial.
classify-sklearn using only rep-seqs, why do we need a table here?
When writing this question, it came to my mind that the mapped-table artifact probably contains both sequence and frequency data, which will be use for all subsequent analyses, phlylogenetic and taxonomic, so we get rid of rep-seqs here. Is my understanding correct?

Hi @Marsel_Murzabaev,

I just wanted to let you know that i pulled this over to a seperate topic!


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Hi @Marsel_Murzabaev,

I apologize for the delay in reply. To interact with the QIIME 2 actions from Python directly, it is necessary to import the plugin representation. For example:

>>> from qiime2.plugins import greengenes2
>>> greengenes2.actions.non_v4_16s
<pipeline qiime2.plugins.greengenes2.pipelines.non_v4_16s>

More information on interacting with QIIME 2 plugins from Python can be found in the Artifact API tutorial.

The reason a FeatureTable[Frequency] is also needed for non-v4-16s is that, behind the scenes, it is executing a q2-vsearch for closed reference OTU picking. That action requires the feature table.

Does that help clarify things?

All the best,


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