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Hmmm, i see that you are trying to facet on SampleID. It is possible that if you have many SampleIDs that they are just getting squished together and the way the figure has been rendered is just covering up the plot space. You could try removing the “SampleID” component to see if you get the desired plot.

Hello, I changed SampleID to something else this morning and got a great heat map. Thank you!

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Hi @jbisanz , I tried creating the PCoA plot from your tutorial and got this error:

Error in select(., SampleID, PC1, PC2) : 
  unused arguments (SampleID, PC1, PC2)

Are you familiar with what is causing this?

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This could be an issue with a second package that is exporting a function called select. Try explicitly using dplyr::select() instead.

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@jbisanz Sir, I dont know I should ues this command in which step?

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