Functional Prediction

What is the best method to predict the functional feature of microbiome? Does QIIME2 support PICRUST as did QIIME1?

PICRUST is a 3rd-party tool — as discussed elsewhere on the forum, the question is not whether QIIME 2 supports PICRUST, but whether PICRUST supports QIIME 2 files as input :wink:

I believe someone is working on a PICRUST plugin for QIIME 2 but you may want to contact the picrust developers for more information.

For now, essentially all it takes is exporting your feature table to a biom-format file, which you can use as input to picrust. There are lots of other discussions on this forum describing how to do closed-reference OTU picking against the pictrust reference sequences in QIIME 2 and exporting that feature table for use with picrust.

A picrust plugin would be useful! A qiime2-to-picrust community tutorial would also be really useful! Unfortunately, neither of these exist at the moment as far as I am aware. But the latter can be pieced together from the advice in separate forum posts.

I hope that helps!

Thank you Nicholas. Your suggestion have really helped me.

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