Fraction of Features in core-features

Hi all, just a quick question seeking clarification on the definition of Fraction of features. The core-feature visual artifact says:

Fraction of features : The fraction of the total number of features that are "core" features.

Does the fraction refers to the fraction that constitutes the "core" features from the total number of features (i.e. all of the taxa detected regardless if they're core or not; e.g. if fraction is 0.5986 = 59.86% of all the entire features found in your dataset are part of the "core");

or the fraction of the "core" that are "core" (e.g. if fraction of features is 0.5989 at 1.0000 fraction of samples = 59.86% of the total core features are found in 100% of samples).

I hope I'm making any sense. :melting_face:

Thanks all.

This one! :point_down:

You set this one when running the plugin, see the docs.

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Thanks for clarifying, Colin!