First-differences error "SampleID is not a column in your metadata"

Hello, I’m trying to calculate first differences for a taxa in my samples. I first exported the table.qza into feature-table.biom then converted to tsv. The first-differences command is:

qiime longitudinal first-differences --m-metadata-file test_metadata.tsv --m-metadata-file test_feature-table.transposed.edit.tsv --p-state-column week --p-metric 'D_0__Bacteria;D_1__Actinobacteria;D_2__Actinobacteria;D_3__Actinomycetales;D_4__Actinomycetaceae;D_5__Actinomyces' --p-individual-id-column SampleID --p-replicate-handling random --o-first-differences first-differences.qza

But it results in an error message:

Plugin error from longitudinal:

  SampleID is not a column in your metadata

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-pt_orvhh.log

But I checked that both of my metadata files has “SampleID” in the first column. Here I copy a snippet from feature-table.transposed.edit.tsv:

SampleID D_0__Bacteria;D_1__Actinobacteria;D_2__Actinobacteria;D_3__Actinomycetales;D_4__Actinomycetaceae;D_5__Actinomyces
sample-a-1 0.02
sample-a-2 0.04
sample-b-1 0.05
sample-b-2 0.06

And here I copy a snippet from metadata.tsv:

SampleID Subject week
sample-a-1 sample-a 1
sample-a-2 sample-a 2
sample-b-1 sample-b 1
sample-b-2 sample-b 2

I have read the tutorial at and updated qiime2 to the lastest version (2018.2). I have validated both metadata files in Keemei (both the test_metadata.tsv and the real one). Please help look into this issue. Thank you!

Silly me, --p-individual-id-column should be Subject, not SampleID.


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