Filtering sequences based upon filtered feature table

I a understand well, after denoising or OTU pickikng we are given a FeatureData[Sequence] like RepresentativeSequences and a FeatureTable[Frequency] like …table…
I have discarded from the table the least significant read-groups, like <10 occurrences/project or so.
Now I would like to get rid of the corresponding RepSeq’s too (which make up more than half of the set) to speed up the downstream calculations, like feature-classifications, trees and such. I can not find the function in and other similar resource, or I am just blind or so. Please help me out, how can I do it.
Sorry for asking such a lame question; full day qiime2s make me slightly confused at times. :slight_smile:

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filter-seqs accepts an optional table as input. If you input the table, only features found in the table will be retained (or discarded if you use the --p-exclude-ids option)

Super. THX a lot a sorry again.

No need to apologize, we are here to help :smile:

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