Filtering samples from taxonomy.qza file based on metadata file


I would like to filter 40 samples out of my 400 samples from taxonomy.qza ato make further bar charts and heat maps. only for selected 40 samples. and also would like to run alpha, beta diversity analysis for those 40 samples out of all samples from core metrics results that have been generated for all 400 samples.

how to do it?

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You should check this tutorial
And I suppose you want to filter your table.qza first and then make a taxa barplot

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I have filtered table.qza, but when i run it for phylogenetic tree to further do diversity analysis. it is not working as the tree has been generated with the sequences from whole batch of samples not only filtered samples, but the table is for filtered samples only.

I would like to know if we can also filter seqz.qza file? that will be really helpful.

Yes. This is also described in the tutorial that @timanix advised.

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