Files generated in qiime2 can not be visualized, is it a browser problem?

I generated working files (features table, rep-seq, tree,…) as qza files in qiime2 few months ago. I have qiime2-2018.8 installed in my computer. Now I need to visualize rep-seq.qza file. It is generated successfully
qiime feature-table tabulate-seqs --i-data rep_seq.qza --o-visualization rep_seq.qzv
but when I visualize it
qiime tools view rep-seq.qzv

the browser opened with this message
Your file was not found It may have been moved or deleted.
I also installed qiime2-2019.1 to use it instead of old releases, but still have the same problem???
May you please explain what is the issue?

Hi! Are you sure, that you are doing it from the same directory were the files are? Or not doing a mistake while typing filename?
You can visualize it by opening this link and drag and drop there your file (or open it by indicating a path).

When you run qiime tools view rep-seq.qzv are you letting the command run uninterrupted? Are you sending the command to the background? Other ideas — this might happen on weird filesystems.

As a workaround, you can also use to view the files — as @timanix mentioned. It is worth pointing out that QIIME 2 View runs locally on your computer, no files are transferred to a remote server in the process.

Yes, is working. I am using firefox browser and recently installed google chrome and set it as a default browser. It could be the reason for this issue!! However I found this problem with another colleague, so we have to use the web version.

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