Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) study tutorial (question about the sampling depth)

Hi, I'm new to QIIME 2, trying to understand it to do my microbiome research.
I've navigated some tutorials (and past recorded online workshops).
My question is about determining the sampling depth value to be used in qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic
In the FMT tutorial, I've chosen a value=115, based on viewing this table (QIIME 2 View).
I've chosen this value as it retained most of run-1 and run-2 samples, and only discarded 5 samples (their feature counts ranged from 113 to 55).
But I'm not sure if I'm right in that decision, and if there is any parameter to be considered when determining the value.



I think this video from our last workshop will give you some good insight on how to go about picking a sampling depth.

If you end up with any more questions after watching I will be happy to answer them for you, but I think this video does a much better job explaining the process than I will be able to here.

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