FeatureTable Artifact cannot be viewed as QIIME 2 Metadata

I know there was already a topic that tackled volatility analysis with relative frequencies… (Volatility analysis with relative frequencies), but I still cannot solve the following error:

There was an issue with viewing the artifact GARTENleben_rel_freq_table_L7.qza as QIIME 2 Metadata:

Artifact <artifact: FeatureTable[RelativeFrequency] uuid: 9e1844a4-9b91-4863-af0d-a495ad3d32ed> cannot be viewed as QIIME 2 Metadata.

I want to run a volatility analysis on a collapsed feature table (level 7) with relative frequencies and specific taxa in QIIME2 2018.8. Here is the command I used:

qiime longitudinal volatility
–m-metadata-file metadatafile_v5.txt
–m-metadata-file GARTENleben_rel_freq_table_L7.qza
–p-default-metric ‘D_0__Bacteria;D_1__Proteobacteria;D_2__Alphaproteobacteria;D_3__Rhizobiales;D_4__Methylobacteriaceae;D_5__Methylobacterium;D_6__Methylobacterium radiotolerans’
–p-default-group-column biostimulantTreatment
–p-state-column DaysSinceStart
–p-individual-id-column DesiccatorName
–o-visualization GARTENleben_volatility_L7_Methylobacterium_radiotolerans_biostimulantTreatment.qzv

(As a similar topic was already solved last year. I just played around with the QIIME2 version 2017.11 related to this post and received a different error message:

There was an issue with loading the file GARTENleben_rel_freq_table_L7.qza as metadata:

‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0x8a in position 14: invalid start byte

I know there is only support for the recent QIIME2 version, but maybe this is a hint to solve my problem in QIIME2 2018.8?)

Thanks for your support!

Hi @Mechah,

Try changing this:


--i-table GARTENleben_rel_freq_table_L7.qza

and I think it will work like you expect.

…so obvious! Sorry for bothering. Thanks @ebolyen

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