Feature ID weird name in rep-seqs file

Hey all, I am using the version qiime2-2018.11. I run all my analyses smooth following tutorials but now that I go back to double check and I realized that in the rep-seqs-qza file generated the Feature ID it has a long weird name as you can see below in the first picture. I continue with diversty analyses, annotate OTUs with SILVA database and everything ok. I did not think much on it but now the same weird name is being used for the results of the ANCOM table&graph, so I do not know which bacterial groups differ in abundance.

Hi @Claudio,
It’s not clear exactly what you’re asking. Mind being more specific?

If you’re just wondering why we use long, complex feature ID’s, we must use complex unique identifiers to ensure there are no duplicate names across the many, many different sequence variants out there.


Hi @ChrisKeefe, thanks for your fast response.
Ok so the long-complex Feature ID`s it is correct. So the question is how do I know which bacteria group is each? When using ANCOM Volcano plot, each of the dots corresponds to one of the Feature IDs from the ANCOM statistical results, but the long complex ID does not mean anything to me, I want to know which bacterial family or genera is it. Does it make sense? So I can know which are the ones that differ in relative abundance.


Sounds like you’re trying to assign taxonomies to the features you’ve got?
Have you looked at the taxonomic analysis section of the Moving Pictures tutorial? That should give you a quick look at the process, links to further tutorials on training classifiers, access to pre-trained classifiers, and some sample results. If you’re going for something like this visualization, this will be a good place to start.

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