Fastq manifest error must be absolute but found relative path

every time that i run the script i get the following error

An unexpected error has occurred:
All paths provided in manifest must be absolute but found relative path: $Home/5/R1.fastq

any idea how to solve this i try to change the path several times...


Hey @Ron_Flatau,

Environment variables like $HOME are case sensitive, try making $HOME all upper-case, then it should have an absolute filepath. Hope that helps!

Now its says that the path specified in the manifest dose not exist or is no accessible.....

Hey @Ron_Flatau,

Could you navigate to where your fastq files are and type: pwd?

I think your filepaths may be wrong, for instance you are currently in a directory /home/qiime2/14/ however your file is telling QIIME 2 to just look in /home/qiime2/ which is probably the wrong place.

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