faith phylogenetic diversity: Metadata doesnt contain any columns that satisfy the visualizer's requirements

Hi there,
my metadata constains samples from 4 differents studies, I have run the same code for the other 3 studies with the same metadata file and they worked, I am not sure why it is not working only for the 5 samples from this study.
below I have attached an image from my metadata, and also the file itself. sample-metadata.tsv (18.5 KB)

I have read the post that regards this same issue, however i dont see my issue being the same as theirs. Could you, please, help me out.



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@lilycrook, this error often occurs when there are no groups for alpha-group-significance to compare between. It looks like this particular study is happening on a subset of the samples in the metadata?

Any chance that all of the categorical metadata columns are the same for those 5 samples?

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