Facing Problem in installing latest version of qiime2-2020.8

i have qiime2-2020.6 version but i want to update 2020.8 in my macbook, when i am trying to upadte it it deny and showng this text.


It looks like some of the packages downloaded are now corrupt. You can attempt to clean up the package cache by running:

conda clean --all

You might also need to remove the 2020.8 conda environment, first:

conda env remove -n 2020.8

Keep us posted!


occurring the same problem after running the conda clean --all
conda env remove -n 2020.8. please find the image

Sorry for the slow response @SAMRENDRA01, are you still experiencing this issue?

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No, it’s okay @thermokarst I know you are busy in the workshop.

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