Extract *.csv file when taxa bar plot visualization too big for QIIME2View

I created taxa bar plot files for the intention of downloading their corresponding *.csv file from QIIME2View.

I am guessing that the taxa bar plot files are too large (the smallest is >15,000 kb), as the site takes a long time to load the file, shows the bar plot for a second, and then gives the “Aww snap!” error message.

Is there another way to extract the *.csv file without using QIIME2View?

There are shorter routes to take:

  1. use qiime feature-table relative-abundance to convert to relative abundance
  2. use qiime tools export to export to biom format
  3. use biom convert --to-tsv to convert to tsv

that should be what you are looking for

Sounds like the culprit. This may also be browser specific, so trying a different browser might work.

I hope that helps!

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