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Hi All,
I hope you are well. I am using qiime2.2019.04 version.
I am trying to exported .biom format file to use in the Microbiomeanalyst, but unfortunately I did not find enough explanations in the Forum for me to succeed without asking about. Maybe can you help me?

The only information I found on the internet was as follows:
#first, export your data as a .biom
qiime tools export
–output-dir exported-feature-table

#then export taxonomy info
qiime tools export
–output-dir exported-feature-table
#then combine the two using the biome package (dependence loaded as part of QIIME2 install)

Any ideas on how I should proceed? I used these commands but it didn’t work. :confused:
let me know if i missed anything

Thank you so much in advance

Hi @Dani,
It sounds like maybe this tutorial is what you are looking for:

Please take a look at follow the commands given there (note some might be out of date given the age of that post). If you run into any errors please report the full error message here and we will see if we can help.

Hi!! Thank you so much. I`ll try it! And let you know.

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