Export Number of Features Per Sample


I want to be able to see how many features are contained in each of my samples. The visualizers only allow me to see how many totally sequences per sample and how many features in total. I figure there is a way to do this but I looked through the forum and the plugins but cant find a solution. Any suggestions would be wonderful!


Hi @Stream_biofilm,
It sounds like what you are describing is the “observed OTUs” alpha diversity metric. This is automatically calculated by diversity core-metrics, or you can calculate directly with diversity alpha. Just export the resulting file to take a look at the number of features observed in each sample, e.g., if you are interested in a specific sample, or use an action like diversity alpha-group-significance to determine whether different groups of samples contain more/less features than others.

I hope that helps!


Thanks this was exactly what I was looking for! :monkey:


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