Error while using metadata file for diversity analysis in qiime 2018.6 version

I got a problem, I run the qiime2 and at the step of diversity analysis, when I provided the metadata file. It says your file does not corresponds to the samples.

Plugin error from diversity:

Metadata does not contain any columns that satisfy this visualizer’s requirements. There must be at least one metadata column that contains categorical data, isn’t empty, doesn’t consist of unique values, and doesn’t consist of exactly one value.

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-ekf1wdbe.log

The problem is, there is (_) in the name of gz files. And in meta data this _ sign is not allowed and I changed it in metadata file. Now, do I need to change the names of raw gz files by deleting _ and then reprocessing the whole data set again?

Hey @Jawairia,

This error is saying something about the columns rather than the rows (samples), so it might be good to start there. (Although I can absolutely see a where a “mismatch” of rows, leaves all the columns empty, QIIME 2 usually recognizes that situation first.)

Technically _ characters are fine, but some tools may have issues with them. Switching to - is not a bad idea. However, assuming you’ve already got a feature-table, you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing the _ with a - as I’m not aware of any steps post-feature-table that would care.

Would you be able to post your metadata? Then we can see if there’s no categorical columns available.

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