error qiime longitudinal pairwise-differences plugin

Good morning
I'm trying to perform longitudinal analysis on my data but I have an error.

The code that I used:

qiime longitudinal pairwise-differences
--m-metadata-file metadata_formula_milk.tsv
--m-metadata-file shannon_vector.qza
--p-metric shannon
--p-group-column Diet
--p-state-column Time
--p-state-1 0
--p-state-2 1
--p-individual-id-column StudyID
--p-replicate-handling random
--o-visualization shannon_dif_formula.qzv

metadata_formula_milk.tsv (1.8 KB)

message error:
Plugin error from longitudinal:

metric must be a valid metadata or feature table column.

I can't understand my error.
Can someone help me??


Are you running the last vesrion of Qiime?
If yes, replace this parameter to
--p-metric shannon_entropy
They renamed a column in the artifact

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Thanks @timanix the problem was exactly that, also other metrics have changed? Where can I check?

Yeah, some of them. You can open a .qza file as an archive or export it, open data subdirectory and check column names.
evenness now pielou_evenness
and observed_otus - observed_features


Another convenient way (without exporting!) is to use qiime metadata tabulate and this will allow you to visualize/search the results.


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