Error message:There was a problem importing seq

Hi, I encountered an issue with importing data.

The error message I got is:
There was a problem importing seq:

seq is not a(n) CasavaOneEightSingleLanePerSampleDirFmt:

Duplicate samples in forward reads: {'2', '1'}

But I checked my data and there is no duplicated files and each filed are paired.

I have 619 paired samples.

The codes I used is:
How could I fixed this problem or do I need to use another type for --type?

Hi @KE_XU,

It appears that the file names to not obey the Casava format.

The text before the first _ is expected to be the unique sample name. Hence the error:

It thinks that 2 and 1 are the sample names. Which it interprets as duplicated as several of your files begin with these values.


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Thanks for your help! It works after I modified the unique name for 1 and 2.

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