Error message making .biom file for OTU table

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I am trying to run

biom add-metadata -i /home/qiime2/Greenhouse_experiment_2017/16S/Export/feature-table.biom -o /home/qiime2/Greeenhouse_experiment_2017/16S/GH_2017_16S_table.biom --observation-metadata-fp /home/qiime2/Greenhouse_experiment_2017/16S/Export/taxonomy.tsv --sc-separated taxonomy

my mapping file was re labelled to #OTUID, taxonomy, and confidence. I made sure that there were no spaces, however the following error message appeared.

OSError: Unable to create file (Unable to open file: name = ‘/home/qiime2/greeenhouse_experiment_2017/16s/gh_2017_16s_table.biom’, errno = 2, error message = ‘no such file or directory’, flags = 13, o_flags = 242)



Hi, maybe there is a mistake in your path, are you sure that your folder named “Greeenhouse_experiment_2017*”, not just “Greenhouse_experiment_2017”?

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HA, thanks didn’t see that typo!


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