Error installing q2-picrust2 at Ubuntu WSL2

Hello everyone,

I want to use picrust on my machine using QIIME2 plugin, since it also not resource intensive task compare to full version of Picrust2.

  1. I followed the tutorial on QIIME 2 Library, but error.
  2. I decided to install it manually by following this tutorial it threw a permission error message when I ran pip install -e ., something like [Errno 13] Permission denied.
  3. So, I tried sudo pip install -e ., it said that the plugin is successfully install, but error of qiime picrust2 --help.
  4. Finally, I tried to change it from pip install -e . to python3 -m pip install -e .. It runs well but still can not see proper message of qiime picrust2 --help command

Thank you very much.