Error in qiime2 longitudinal linear-mixed-effect plugin

Hi, I am trying to answer the FMT tutorial questions 1e using qiime2 longitudinal linear-mixed-effect plugin but I kept getting an Name error for the p group columns

qiime longitudinal linear-mixed-effects \

–m-metadata-file sample-metadata.tsv
–m-metadata-file fmt-core-metrics-results/shannon_vector.qza
–p-metric shannon_entropy
–p-group-columns treatment-group
–p-state-column week
–p-individual-id-column subject-id
–o-visualization shannon-linear-mixed-effects.qzv

Plugin error from longitudinal:

Error evaluating factor: NameError: name ‘treatment’ is not defined
shannon_entropy ~ week * treatment-group
Please, how do I solve this

Could you try to rename treatment-group as treatment_group?
It is R-like formula shannon_entropy ~ week * treatment-group and R don’t like “-” in column names.

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Thank you, it worked

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