Error in qiime vsearch closed otu clustering

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Well I have qiime2 installed via virtual box with an allocated ram of 10gb.
I am running a command
qiime vsearch cluster-features-closed-reference
However I got plugin error, after seeing it it says memory error. The size of my sample files is 1.2gb.
Now after searching on the forum, I found people using some flags as
Please help me out here how to use this and does it lead to any sort of data loss.

Hi @divyaprince321
Based on my experience, you should use more than 16 GB RAM. Regarding the flag, you can try various values!
Hope it would be helpful.

Thank you sir
For quick rply.
can you please let me know how to add the flag command and does it lead to any data loss.

No problem. You should check out this page!
This command does not support –p-classify–chunk-size parameter unlike naive-bayes classifier! You have another parameter to use your CPU portions! That is –p-threads! You can search this parameter in forum to find out more examples of integer used.
It will not make data loss.
Good luck

Thank You Sir
For your help. But As you mentioned 16gb ram or more will be feasible.
However I want to mention here that I want to filter my data ( the low quality reads) so as to lessen my data and ease my analysis.
But I am not aware what parameters to be set.
Can you help out to mention the exact parameters

Filtration has nothing to the topic in this thread! Please open up a new discussion with filtration one. Different discussion in one thread is out of Qiime2 regulation as I know.

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