Error in metadata file

(Yogesh Gupta) #1

Keemei is showing error in SampleID, Could you please suggest why is it?


(Yogesh Gupta) #2

It says “IDs should contain only ASCII alphanumeric characters (i.e. in the range of [a-z], [A-Z], or [0-9]), the period (.) character, or the dash (-) character.”

But in my metadata file I do have numbers like 29. 30, 44, upto 60.

I am using Qiime2 11.2018. it is possible to use this metadata file?


(Meha) #3

Sorry Admins I am replying this question.

Dear Yogesg_Gupta based on my knowledge, remove dashes and underscores and put just dots instead. I think it should work!
Let me know weather you did and achieved what!
Good luck


As @Mehrdad suggested, remove underscores in IDs or replace it with dots or other allowed symbols