Error in mask alignment


I am trying to mask my aligned sequences, but when I run the ‘qiime alignment mask’ command (per Moving Pictures tutorial), I get an error saying that the command is not found.

Specifically: ‘-bash: qiime: command not found’

I’ve tried slightly modified versions of this command too: ‘alignment mask’, ‘qiime tools alignment mask’, ‘mask alignment’ etc all with similar results.

Am I using an outdated code or something?


#EDIT# I’ve realized my mistake and fixed it

Would you mind following up with how you fixed? There’s nothing worse than googling an issue, finding a perfect match, and then never learning what the solution was :wink:

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I was in the wrong environment :zipper_mouth_face:
Turns out Qiime 2 commands don’t work in Qiime 1…


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