Empty deblur stats viz

Hi @antgonza,
Any idea why my per-sample Deblur stats would be blank?

Hi @Sausage_Mahoney,

You need to specify --p-sample-stats to collect them. We decided to not make it the default behavior as they are expensive to collect.



Thanks for the reply @wasade!

I’m checking the Input Parameter: sample_stats box in q2Studio before executing Deblur…which would be analogous to passing --p-sample-stats option in the CLI, right?


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I believe that is the case but I haven’t had a chance yet to take q2studio for a spin, so I’m not positive. @jairideout / @ebolyen / @thermokarst, do either of you know by chance?

@Sausage_Mahoney has it correct! Different interfaces have different rules and conventions for reporting and accepting parameters. We try to keep them similar, and since each interface generates itself from the QIIME 2 SDK, there’s always a “rule” for how things end up being named.

The studio has the most potential for interpreting the inputs and translating them into user-friendly widgets/input dialogs automatically, but we haven’t really had the time to explore that a whole lot yet. I think a boolean/check-box is one of the few things it does translate automatically (that and a drop-down in some cases).

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