EMPress Community Plot

I am using the commands provided in the EMPress tutorial to get a tree with taxonomy. They work perfectly with the downloaded tutorial files but not with my own data. I have checked the file types of my own data and they are correct (identical to the ones in the tutorial files). I am getting the error message:-
No features in the feature table are present as tips in the tree.
However, the tree plot command is working with my data and I have checked the ids of the tips with the ids in the vizulations of table.qza and taxonomy.qza and they are present in both files.
Grateful if someone could identify what goes wrong here

Hi John,

That's an interesting problem. Would you be able to share your input QZA files here? It'll be easiest to figure out exactly what's going wrong if we can take a look at the files.

Also, would you mind providing the exact commands you are running? It would be helpful to know if you are (or are not!) using any additional parameters of community-plot (--p-ignore-missing-samples, --p-filter-extra-samples, etc.). The logic involved in matching up all these different files to each other can get a bit funky :slight_smile:

Thanks, and hoping we can get this resolved soon!

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