Ec2 installation issue

Hello there, thanks for your support!
I am facing trouble in the installation of EC2 qiime2 instance.
I am working on a windows laptop but my analyses take forever. The installation guide step 5 suggests to don’t set up an SSH keypair but in the meanwhile to connect to the EC2 instance a key file is required (To connect to your EC2 instance with ssh you’ll need your key file, the Public IP address for your running EC2 instance, and an ssh client).
How can I get a key file without setting a security group?
Thanks in advance for your kind attention and your help.
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Hi @chiara,

There is a way to avoid that, but it's not the most obvious thing (it always takes me a moment to remember how).

You are going to want to get to the point where you launch the instance. This will create a dialog asking for a key-pair setup, however there is a dropdown where you can choose "Proceed without a key-pair". You want to select that option, then you can log in via the default password (which you should probably change once you are logged in).

Hello Ebolyen,
thanks for your reply!
yes, port 22 was opened. But I am restarting the installation and I am actually facing another issue.
I am limited to the free tier, do you know which type of instance should I configure?

Thank you very much for your kind attention

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Hi @chiara,

Unfortunately you are not going to have any luck booting up QIIME 2 with a free-tier instance. There is too little RAM to accomplish anything (an m1.small is I think the smallest one we’ve gotten to run with the tutorial data).

Are there other computers you could use? Even a virtualbox installation will perform much better than a free-tier ec2 instance.

Hi Ebolyen,
thanks for you quick reply.
I have a Mac computer with macqiime installed. Can I install qiime2 alongside it? How do you suggest to install it?
Thank you very much for your attention and your help!


Hi @chiara,

That should be perfect! You can follow these installation instructions to get it installed on your computer. It shouldn’t interfere with macqiime either (think macqiime even uses conda environments internally now).

Thank you very much Ebolyen for your attention and your help, really appreciate it!

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