EC2 install help

Hello there!
I am trying to install qiime2 QIIME 2 Core - 2017.12 (1515777569) (ami-4b54e233) via EC2 AWS following the official qiime2 website instructions.
As I provided the password “qiime2” to the terminal (last step), it denied the access and it automatically closes the session.

What’s wrong with it?

Thank you for your kind attention and your help.

Beginner user

Hi @chiara! Did you use a security group that has port 22 open (that’s step 5 in the tutorial)? Also, can you please post a screenshot of the ssh command you’re running, and any error messages you’re getting? Feel free to send the screenshot via a Direct Message on the forum to avoid leaking that info to the world at large. Thanks!

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