Dude with qiime taxa barplot

Hi everyone
Hi. I have a doubt and I would be very grateful if you can resolve it. I have been analyzing the data obtained through the taxonomy bar plot command but the large number of taxa makes it difficult to represent them, so I have thought about eliminating the most minority taxa. For this I downloaded the attached csv. But when I am trying to export the csv to an excel, the values that come out do not match those given by the graph. Is there any specific way to export these CSV? Or do these CSVs not represent the relative abundance that is reflected in the graphs? If so, in what way could you obtain these relative abundances collected in a table?
Thanks in advance.

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hi @gaudy93,
You’re right that these values you download are not relative abundances, but rather the actual abundances that are used to make relative abundance barplots.
You could simply calculate relative abundance values yourself in excel, R, or whatever you prefer, or alternatively you can use the relative-frequency function to do this conversion then export the output of that which will then be in relative abundances.


Ok, thank you very much.
But one question, I had combined the replicas I had through my metadata file. How can I correlate the frequency table with my metadata to obtain the frequencies in each of these replicas?

Hi @gaudy93,
If I understand your question correctly, you have previously used your metadata file to combine some technical replicates before creating the barplot you mention in the original post? To get relative frequencies for each of these replicates simply go back a step and instead use the table that you had before you grouped them based on your metadata file. If I understood your question wrong could you please clarify. Thanks!


Yes you understand the idea perfectly. Thank you a lot.