dual barcoding support

Was dual-barcode demultiplexing supported in QIIME2 now ???

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Yes, dual-barcode demultiplexing has been supported in QIIME 2 for over two years now, see the 2019.4 release notes here:

This is only for unique dual-barcode pairs, not “combinatorial” barcodes (i.e., when the same barcodes are re-used for multiple samples; search the forum archives for more discussion about this and workarounds).

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Thanks. For example, maybe just like,

sample1 A B
sample2 A C
sample3 A D
A、B、C、or D means barcode sequence. Is this kind of unique dual-barcode pairs? Is it supported in newest qiime2 ?

No, that scheme is a special case, describes this:

unique would be:

sample1 A B
sample2 C D
sample3 E F

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